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An Analysis Of The Tests That You Need To Go Through In HGV Training

driving test

Driving a heavy vehicle is not that easy when you compare it with driving a car as it requires great attention and balancing to keep the vehicles in control when you are needed to drive on busy roads of Manchester. A good way to make you eligible and capable for heavy vehicle driving is the HGV driver training in north Manchester where you can establish yourself as a capable driver for heavy and super heavy vehicles under the guidance of experts.

But, getting trained is not that easy as it may sound out as before getting the training certificate, you not only need to have a sound command on the vehicle but also be able to cross the various written tests that are:

Theory test:

This is the first level, but actually the most daunting one as you need to study a little bit to clear this one. You need to get a minimum of 85 questions correct out of 100 in a stipulated time of two hours.

Hazard perception test:

In this test, your skill set and capability to catch the topics as you need to catch the hazard which is given in that clip is tested. It is a bit easier but you need to focus in order to be successful in this test.

Case studies:

There are various case studies that you need to have a good look at and explain how differently, you would react to that situation just in order to eliminate the chances of an accident. You need not to worry about all these tests as skilled instructors will take a few classes before these tests to make you more efficient.